Black Tie Boogie….Day 6….My Day

 Thanks to Mdm Samm of Sew We Quilt and our cheerleader Vickie of More Stars in Commanche.

Also to the sponsors:

Red Rooster Fabrics


Florine Johnson Designs…Radical Rooster Patterns

Who are both just Fabulous!!

Okay, to start, I have a new camera. Yay!! It’s not the camera of my dreams but it is a Nikon. I love Nikon. I got a Nikon L820. Some day when funds allow I’m hoping for a really great Nikon Digital SLR (that would be my dream). For now I’m doing better than my last camera that was 13yrs old. This camera takes better pics with indoor low light than my old one. So, I’m happy.

I started thinking of a project when I first started reading Mdm Samm’s post about this hop. I thought of Florine Johnson’s Radical Rooster patterns. I have Rob Roy and Rock. I chuckled when I read further down the post that she was one of the sponsors.  Her Radical Rooster patterns are just fabulous. I did start to collect the fabrics for them but with my time being the way it is I decided to save those for a future project. Then I went to a pattern for a rooster that I have had for a long time by Simplicity. I don’t think it’s available anymore.

So here he is. The first round of pics didn’t turn out so

good. I up’ed the ISO and they were a little better. I just have to work on losing the camera shake.  

He’s going to fit in well with the rest of my roosters. Some day I’ll show you all of those. I LOVE Roosters.

I choose these fabrics and colors because they match my kitchen. I just love the richness decorator fabrics and mixing them with quilters cottons.

I think he turned out beautiful.

I just love his tail feathers!

I left off his eyes. I kinda like it. What do you think?


November 26th

Sew Mollie Sue, Quilt Much?

59 thoughts on “Black Tie Boogie….Day 6….My Day

  1. Your rooster is lovely all done up in blue! I'm mixed on adding eyes. he has “a look” now and adding eyes would change his personality, probably not bad, I'm sure both ways would work. Thanks for sharing, great job. usairdoll(at)gmail(dot)com


  2. I love your rooster and the fabrics, oh my, they are just wonderful. He would go quite well in my kitchen. Would you mind sharing how you got him to stand so well? Thanks for sharing your creativity with us.


  3. Gorgeous colors and fabrics in your rooster. Looks like he's standing on his own which seems a feat in itself. Hmmm…I think I'd give him some button eyes.


  4. Absolutely gorgeous! What a good job you did. I like it without eyes too. Thanks for sharing that wonderful project. He will be cherished by your family in the years to come.


  5. I see your bought some Wedgewood to match your rooster!LOL Very elegant young man. Love his rich looking duds.


  6. I love your Rooster and his very elegant fabrics. My heart skipped a beat when I saw him and his regal Blueness. Excellent Black Tie Boogie hop and thanks for joining. Creative Stitching Bliss…


  7. The only thing wrong with that beautiful rooster is that he's at your house …not MINE !I LOVE IT ! Thanks for sharing him with us for today…A-W-E-S-O-M-E !


  8. That is a very regal looking rooster in those beautiful fabrics…I just love him! Nice pics with your new camera, too!


  9. He is a beautiful rooster. And, I can barely see the edge of a plate next to him, but it appears he matches the colors perfectly. Congratulations on being a top pick of the day.


  10. He turned out beautiful if a rooster can be beautiful! I love the fabric for the feet, it looks like a real chicken leg (at least in my mind).


  11. Absolutely love the choice of fabrics in the subtle to rich colors of blue – looks like my china blue collection. Very hansome rooster!


  12. I love your cock very much, everything is so lovely done, the tail feathers are great, that for sure! And this guy doesn't wake you up in the night, that for sure :-))


  13. He is very elegant! Seems like he should be sporting a black tie! 🙂 I really like him. The blue is so deep. He has a regal personality. Great job. K-


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