Wicked…..Day 2…..Rewind or Retry


First of all I want to say thanks to everyone who visited me today and left lovely words of support. (That Post Here) You guys really are amazing. So thanks again from my heart.

Here’s the trouble maker……..


The lens won’t close because the zoom thing won’t go back into position. This is what is causing the camera to not turn on. If I can’t turn it on than I can’t upload my pictures to my computer. The camera is 13 yrs old so I did get my money from it but to not have a working camera is a real downer.

It took me a while to figure out how to fix this. I thought about taking the memory card out of the camera and making copies of the pictures to scan on my printer. The problem with that plan is that my printer isn’t working right either. There would be no guarantee that it’d work.

(oh, I you don’t want to get me started on the things that don’t work right or have just stopped working in this house! Some days I just want to yell out…..slow down)

I don’t know why but I couldn’t add an email to my phone so I could email the pictures there or to anybody else’s email. It keep saying it couldn’t connect to the server. I tried uploading the pics to facebook but I kept getting the white loading screen for hours. So I tried to call my family to see if I could send my pictures to their phone so they could try to upload them to facebook. My plan was to copy them from there. That was a fail. Instead, that turned into an hour them talking to me about things on my phone that I had no idea about. The pics didn’t get on facebook but I did appreciate the help.

So, I turned to my boys. I had to figure out why my USB connector wasn’t working. Forever my computer didn’t recognize the device but it really was my only option if I could make that work.  Ahhh….my boys are so smart. They got it figured out.

Finally I was able to upload my pics to my computer. I did retake the pics for the ones I took yesterday didn’t look so good once in editing. What I have here is the best of them.

Yay……Here is my project and the post I wanted to have up yesterday!



Thanks to Mdm Sam of Sew We Quilt and to Wicked Wendy (our Cheerleader) of Why Knot Kwilt.

Also to our sponsors:

Wyndham Fabrics

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Bird Brain Designs

I choose for this hop to make a project that I have had in my pattern/book stash for a while now. It’s from the book Haunted Threads by Needl Love

I have to tell you this project was plagued with problems. Besides the camera I didn’t buy enough fabric. His shirt is short waisted but that’s okay cause the pants hide that. And oh the pants….I had only enough fabric for the front the pants but only after I cut the fabric in half. That also helped line up the stripes so they would be vertical. For the back half I just used some black Halloween fabric from my stash. Lesson here is that the mental list now longer is reliable, lol.

Aside all my problems, I love this scarecrow and I love participating in these hops! They really are a lot of fun and worth the work.

Thanks so much for stopping by, for your understanding, and your patience. Here is the schedule for today and tomorrow. See the complete schedule here.


October 23rd


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18 thoughts on “Wicked…..Day 2…..Rewind or Retry

  1. Sounds as if you been tricked for Halloween already. You need some treats. I think your scarecrow is absolutely a delightful treat. I’m saddened to hear of all the high jinx that have plagued you and heartened that you have persevered through them all. Sometimes I get frustrated and just want to quit. I’m glad you didn’t because he is definitely a cutie and a keeper. I did chuckle that you didn’t have enough fabric for the entire pants – just enough for the front – who is going to know, the scarecrow police? And maybe he is naturally short waisted – there are those people. I love your adaptations. Thanks for participating in the blog hop, having a great attitude, and being a great inspiration in spite of all the difficulties that came your way.


  2. It sounds like you had one of Wicked Wendy’s gremlins visiting you, but thankfully you managed to shoosh him away and post your cute, cute scarecrow. He is just beautiful (in a creepy kind of way.) :O)


  3. Theresa, that is a great scarecrow. He is the perfect welcome on a door. I’m sorry for your problems, both on your camera and your project, but you made the best of it and you have been a great part of this wicked hop. Thank you for all your hard work.


  4. Wow. I’m so sorry that you aren’t having the best time with your prep for this hop. Your fellow is definitely cute no matter how much stress he caused you.


  5. Thank heavens for the helpers you had on hand. New camera on the Christmas list?? The scare crow is wonderful. You got past the obstacles and made it work. Good for you there!


  6. Your scarecrow is adorable and I would never have known you had problems with him if you hadn’t told on yourself 🙂 He could live on my front porch any time!!


  7. If you didn’t tell us about all the problems your scarecrow went through while being created we would never know. He is such wicked fun! Thanks to your boys.


  8. I love the scarecrow to, it’s just to cute. I have a camera that I absolutely love, it has the same problem as yours did. I finally broke down and purchased a new camera, but I wouldn’t mind fixing that one to if there is a way to resolve that issue with the lens sticking out.


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