Where Bloggers Create Annual Blog Party 2013


Thanks to Karen of My Desert Cottage for all her hard work in putting this hop together each year. She always does a wonderful job and there are always so many wonderful creative spaces to see. I hope you enjoy your visit here today.


Welcome! This my first time on the hop. I’m excited to show you my sewing room where I create. My room is not going to be the prettiest on the hop but it is functional. It’s in a partially finished room, so I have concrete floors, exposed insulation and studs. Not quite so lovely but I do like my room none the less.

I love to thrift and makeover things so everything in my room was free, thrifted, or discounted/on sale with the exception of supplies. Some I actually paid full price for but not all. 🙂 I always try to buy on sale.

It’s a small room and it’s always changing. I’m always looking for new ways to store more stuff.

This is actually new to my room. My DH and I were thrifting last weekend and found this sewing desk. It’s in really great shape but does need a makeover. I’ll be getting to that at some point in the future. The fabulous thing about this desk was that it was 50% off so cost me $15.00…..WhooHoo!

Sewing Desk 2

This where is where I draw and cut applique pieces.

Desk 1

Desk 2

Desk 3

Scrapbooking here when I have time. Which hasn’t been much lately.

Storage 1

Storage 2

Storage 3

Sewing Desk 1 Storage 4

Tops waiting to be finished.

Quilt Rack


Cutting Table

Thanks for visiting!

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27 thoughts on “Where Bloggers Create Annual Blog Party 2013

  1. you have a beautiful space, I tried for 2 years to get my sewing room to my liking lol! so glad I found this hop, it was just the thing to get it in gear lol!Helen


  2. Your closet is superb and the sewing table is super spacious (the previous owners were probably kicking themselves later that they sold it for $15!). I rarely sew and I would have bought it! Fantastic detail on your sewing. Devon


  3. Well I think your room is quite wonderful and you did such a good job photographing it I never would have guessed it has unfinished walls. That concrete floor actually sounds nice to me. I have carpet over concrete, from the room's previous life, and would much prefer the concrete where I could paint pretty designs on it and it would be easier to clean up my messes!That sewing desk was a real score!Thank you for sharing your space with all of us.


  4. Hi, Theresa! I can appreciate someone who can find great deals!!! I think you've got some great pieces in your studio. Thank you for giving me the tour. 🙂


  5. I really like your space! All my creative spaces have been in basements, unfinished and partially finished… http://connell-crafts.blogspot.ca/ Where you can go to be yourself and come up with ideas is the most important! I never seem to have the luck others have at tag sales and such! I love the three tier basket like storage unit you have with stamps, wool and such! Perfect! Hugs!


  6. I think your space is just fine as it is ~ no need to apologize for it!! And YAY for all your upcycling and thrift store finds!Happy crafting ~


  7. Love your space! You've got everything organized so well. I like how you've stored your fabric ~ makes it easy to see. I may have to turn my fabric bins on their sides so I can see what's inside better.


  8. I wish everyone would stop apologizing for their spaces, this is a perfectly lovely room and you should be proud of it. I like that you don't have everything matchy-matchy, it gives the room character and soul. Thank you so much for sharing you space with all of us.


  9. Your sewing room is awesome. I cannot wait to see your tops when they are finished. You have inspired me to display my quilt tops too! I am a new follower. $15.00 sewing cabinet = AWESOME! Take care (and I love your fabric stash too!)


  10. You have a very nice and cozy space to create in, and a lot of great storage.I like the wood house with the crow on top (makes it almost look like smoke coming out of the chimney : ) I have a few old wood houses like that and just wish I knew where they are (still have a few boxes left in the garage since we moved last year, hopefully I will find them).Thank you for sharing your space and where you create


  11. “Not quite so lovely”, you say?? Oh, I beg to differ!!! I LOVED seeing your workspace, and what you've done with it is BEAUTIFUL! I particularly liked how you stored your fabrics, each on their own little bolts of sorts?.. I'm inspired to do the same, when I find the time to!… Spotted your rooster lamp! I am a 4th generation rooster collector!!.. Thanks for the tour, and I really enjoyed my visit here today! ~tina


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