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Coming up with ideas for my stamp was many. I have several things I collect which represent me. For instance I absolutely love Goofy and Hello Kitty. (You probably think I need to grow up but….hey….lol)  The only fabric I have with Goofy on it was for Halloween and finding anything I like was difficult. I thought about designing a stamp with one of them on it but I think that would be a copyright issue, so I ditched that idea. So I decided to go with a rooster. I have them in my kitchen. Seeing them every day reminds me of my Grandma. She loved chickens and roosters and always had them for pets along with many other animals.

I used leftover fabric from the doll I made from the In Your Words Blog Hop. I really love this fabric, it’s blue, my favorite color. So now it goes with my doll. I designed this in EQ7. I think it turned good considering that before I went to take a picture I spilled my drink on it.

July 2nd

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45 thoughts on “Stamp On It Blog Hop

  1. Thanks for sharing your fun stamp with us. I like to do applique, I’ll have to give this a go.


  2. Chickens and roosters are always a good design. I liked how you added the postmark. It looked so real cuz so many times the postmark is there but it’s faded and hard to read.


  3. great stamp… many ideas out there and sew many great stamps. Thank you sew much for sharing with us today
    in stitches


  4. Your stamp has a nice vintage look; it turned out neat. I like that the roosters remind you of your Grandma; those are the kinds of details I tend to use as well.


  5. I love love your stamp. I have three roosters which I love – this is so cute!


  6. Very cute, and I love the time worn edge look myself. Goofy and Hello Kitty would make fun stamps too. I think you can make up things for yourself without stepping on Copyright toes, but you can’t share the pattern or sell anything! But I am no lawyer! 🙂


  7. Roosters remind me of my grandmother, too, as she had them all over her kitchen. .I think they’ve come back in style because my daughter HAD to have one for her kitchen. I love your rooster stamp…the worn edges give it a vintage look. Great looking stamp!


  8. Roosters and chickens are always in style. That they remind you of your grandmother is a plus, right? I bet you were in a panic about getting the red out of your piece. I swear one could probably dye fabric with drink powders and the resulting product. Hey, I think they do!


  9. Just Sweet…..we have two baby Roosters right now… Black one is finding his voice…..sometimes at 3pm….ha! Great Job!! Thanks


  10. to tell you the truth…I like the worn vintage looking and I see no stains….see sometimes everything just turns out better than you expected…


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