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Thanks to Mdm. Samm of Sew We Quilt …..cheerleader and designer of the Tammy Bag.

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The Tammy Bag is absolutely adorable and I think I’m going to use mine like a basket to hold marking pencils and such on my sewing table.

I made mine with a 13×17 remnant I picked up it my local fabric store. I love collecting the discontinued “to order” upholstery fabric remnants. They are too beautiful to not buy and then later figure out something to make with them.

I choose this particular fabric remnant cause I thought it would make my little bag look like a carpet bag. I had to work some to make the 13×17 work but I think it turned out great.

I used wool for the inside lining and the outside pocket. I didn’t have much fabric left from my remnant but there was enough to make a little faux flap

Thanks so much again to Mdm. Samm for designing this adorable bag and if you don’t have it you can find it in her Craftsy Store.

June 18th 








Mdm Samm

54 thoughts on “the Tammy Project Bag Blog Hop

  1. Love your Tammy Bag!!! And your extra touch!! Great idea for your fabric too…soooo pretty!! Awesome job!!


  2. Your bag looks very pretty and classy! Did you have trouble getting those thicker fabrics into the frame?


  3. Very elegant…very classy!! Luv it with the faux flap. Thanks for the inspiration and for sharing with us today. Great job Theresa!! Happy stitching, Pauline


  4. Very elegant, classic looking Tammy! How different each of the bags look with the fabric choices. THX for sharing with us, always something good to see on your blog!


  5. That's a great bag and upholstery fabric and wool was a cool choice. Love the flap on the front – faux or not!!


  6. Beautiful fabric choice. One year at a quilt guild someone brought in hundreds of upholstery and home dec fabric samples for anyone who wanted to grab some. I took a lot and made several bags with them. It was fun mixing several samples into one bag. Cute faux flap too. FYI: foe means an enemy. Faux was the word you meant, lol.


  7. Very clever to add the flap, that looks so great and your fabrics too.Your Tammy is absoutely adorable ☺Liebe GrüßeBente


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