Say It With Flowers

I’m so sorry not having my post up and being so very late. I was having trouble with getting into WordPress. I’m not sure what the problem was but it would set and load. Don’t know why. I’ve been up all night trying to figure it out.  Boy, I’m sure tired. 

Thanks to Mdm Samm of Sew We Quilt and Carol of Just Let Me Quilt our cheerleader. Also thanks to Andover our sponsor.

During the Shake Your Pom Poms hop I won some Pom Pom makers by Clover. When I received my Pom Pom makers I also received some fat quarters. Absolutely lovely fabric and surprisingly just my style.  (Thanks Mdm Samm! 🙂 ) Not sure who the maker was but I knew I wanted to use them for this hop. So here is my project with that lovely fabric. Makes a great dress for my froggie!

Pattern is by Sweet Meadows Farm




Be sure to visit the others. I certainly will after I get some sleep.

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33 thoughts on “Say It With Flowers

  1. Sorry you were up all night trying to get your post up! On the other hand,I am glad that you were successful in the end 🙂 Your froggie dress is just adorable!


  2. Lol So cute! Thanks for sharing, and I am glad you fixed it so you could! vickise at gmail dot com


  3. What a cute froggie! Sorry to hear you lost sleep over this post that would not get published, hope you slept well or will have a good night sleep.Thanks for sharing!


  4. I am sorry that you were having such troubles and the fact that we try to follow all the rules to not end up on that list is all the more frustrating. Get some rest as it shows up nicely now! What a cute project—that fabric is gorgeous and how cute is her 3-D smile.


  5. Oh, my, yes…sometimes WP has frustrated me to the “inth degree” as my mom would say! So glad you got it figured out, your froggy is adorable!


  6. I'm sorry you had so much trouble posting…that's so frustrating and annoying, isn't it. But, you're here and that little frog all dressed up is just too cute! Definitely puts a smile on my face. Thanks for hopping with us! :O)


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