North Pole QAL…Getting Fabrics Together

WelcomeNP-400I’ve been working on getting my fabrics together the North Pole QAL using the book ‘Welcome to the North Pole’ by Piece O’ Cake Designs. I’m excited about working on this quilt for Piece O’ Cake is one of my favorite quilt designers. I’ve had this book for a long time and it’s about time I get going on the project. This QAL going on over at Val Spier Sews is perfect to get me started.

I wanted to keep close to the original quilt but finding similar fabrics have proven to be a challenge. So keeping with my goals for this year I pulled fabrics from my stash first and bought some new ones to fill gaps. I’m still not sure if I’ll use everything I’ve picked out for the quilt but it is a start.

Fabrics for my first block ‘Royal Toy Works’ bumbleberrystitchespost1_1-30-13 My plan is to start with ‘Royal Toy Works’ block and then move on to the ‘Sprinkles Ice Cream Shop’. I plan to continue working the neighboring blocks after that.

I want my foundation pieces to be in the blacks, blues, and grays. This was the main reason I loved this quilt to start with. After going through my stash and some shopping, here is where I’m at for foundation pieces.


I have some more grays to buy it will get me started. I can’t wait to get going!

Signature 1

Join the fun!

North Pole QAL….Last Weds. of the Month




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  1. You have some great fabrics there. I love your sky pieces. What attracted me to this quilt was all the cute little houses so I have enlarged them a fraction and will be using the white background with bright houses so the houses really stand out.


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