Friday Night with Friends Results

FnwF (2)Well, I’m finally getting my results ‘post’ together. I’m sorry for not having it up earlier than now, but for the past 2 days I’ve been sick with a sinus cold. I did get to sew last night as planned but the last few days have been slow.

Anyway my plan for last night was to start working on some of the wonderful BOM’s that have are getting started out there in blogland. You can find the ones I want to participate in down on my side bar. Last night I started the BOM by Cindy at Quilt Doodle Doodles. She has a Flicker Group I plan to join and post my block. January’s block is called Monkey Wrench. It looks like the snail trail block.

Here’s my completed first block:


What was good about this block is that it turned out great. Thanks to my new quilter’s 1/4″ foot I was able to get a consist 1/4′ throughout. I had all my points lined up as well. What as bad (besides my cold) was that it wasn’t the completed size of 12″x12″. Too bad cause this block turned out great but I just didn’t feel like doing more. I decided to go to bed and figure it out in the morning. So much later the next day, I decided to hold off my post so I could figure out what I did wrong. As soon as I began to cut the first square I knew. I had cut the squares the right size on 2 sides but not all 4. They weren’t complete squares. That darn cold!

After fixing the mistake began to sew the block together.

Lined my points up.

Then I squared up my block and guess what?

It was 12″x 12″ but I can tell the points are more than a 1/4″ from the edge.


I’m an applique’r. it’s easy to sew straight lined blocks together. I’ve only finished 1 pieced quilt and I didn’t have this kind of problem. Not sure what kind of problems this will cause later or how to fix it. Gotta do some research. If anyone knows how to fix it or if this really is a problem, I sure would appreciate your knowledge.

Both completed blocks. The first block is on the left and the redone block is on the right:


Also, I wanted to mention, that Monday is the start of the next blog hop I’m participating in:

smallbuttoninyourwordsMy day to blog is Jan. 15th. Here are the words I’ll be using that inspire me:

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8 thoughts on “Friday Night with Friends Results

  1. Hi!!! I am a beginner quilter and sewer…so not sure but it says twelve and a half with one fourth seam allowance…all those seven eighths and five eighths one eighths I think gave me trouble..not sure what I did either but mine is too small also!!!! Oh…I would like to hear if there is a solution!!!! Thank You!!


  2. lovely block Theresa.. love the colours… I have never tried this one but it is so effective… I was hoping someone would have written about your query as I wanted to know the answer too!!!


    1. That’s great! I’ll be looking for your block. I’ve never made this block before. It’s a little tricky but very simple.


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