Friday Night Sew-In Results-Frankie

FNSIButtonNow Friday Night Sew-In results
I’m just now getting to sit down and share with you last nights project. It’s been a busy day!

Sometime last year a bought a kit for a Frankie pin cushion from my local quilt shop. It wasn’t till about 3 months ago I bought the book Sew Necessary for the pattern. I thought since Halloween is next week now was as good as any to make it. Man!!….making Frankie’s head was a lot like adding sleeve to a blouse. I’m not really good a that and I try to avoid similar projects. Now it is very clear why I procrastinated for so long. Anyway, I really love Frankie. He is my favorite Halloween character.
Friday Night Project
 You can see by looking at the bottom that I’m not very good at tubular things. There always seems to be too much fabric and even when I “clip to ease the curves” as the instructions says, I still can’t get it right. But, I know what? Because I love Frankie and I really want this pin cushion, I’ll make it again. That’s what I do. I’m determined that way! 🙂 I also have fabric for a connecting thread (trash) bag. I’ll get that made when I get Frankie looking better. You might say I’m also a perfectionist……..maybe 😀 .
Friday Sew In Frankie
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