Wicked Blog Hop & Red Back Spider

wickedwendybuttonI’m so excited about participating in the Wicked Blog Hop and I want to thank Wendy at why-knot-kwilt for hosting and Madame Samm at Sew We Quilt for putting this hop together.
I decided for my wicked block that I would design a spider applique block. Other than a wicked witch what is more wicked and scary than a creepy spider? So I sat down and drew out the most icky of spiders, the Red Back, along with her messy web. The Red Back spider is soooo creepy but my little applique spider is soooo cute!

Here she is crawling though the mums.


It’s a little windy to stay in the trees so…..

dropping down (my spider can drop without getting hurt…) for some crawling time in the leaves.
Now it’s time for a give-away! I’m going to be giving away circle templates (I used size F for the body of this spider).
For a chance to win you need to leave me a comment answering 1 of the 2 questions.
Drawing now closed.


1.) What spider creeps you out the most?


2). What is your favorite Halloween tune?

For me you already know the answer to #1 because of the red marking, it’s sleek hairless body and those toothpick creepy legs….ewwwww! My favorite Halloween tune is Toccata and Fugue in D minor by Johann Bach.

I’ll draw a winner on Nov.1, so make sure that I have an email address if you are a no-reply blogger.

Thanks for stopping by! Hope you are had a wicked time here today!

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Here are the list of Wicked blogger for today:

Wednesday, October 24th

115 thoughts on “Wicked Blog Hop & Red Back Spider

  1. What a creepily fun block!! Okay, this is an easy one for me. Even the thought of a brown recluse spider creeps me out and give me goosebumps. I was bitten by one in the summer of 2010 — it won me a week in the hospital and a permanent crater in my thigh! **shudder** I love June Tailor products …. great giveaway!!!


  2. I'm definitely not a fan of spiders, but we have a ton of them where I live, so I have learned to co-exist. I particularly don't like Black Widows because I understand they are poisonous and sometimes deadly, but we have a lot of them here, too. Ick!


  3. My favourite Halloween song is Werewolfs of London by Warren Zevon! Your spider is truly icky. Thanks for sharing,,,and for keeping the spider at your house!


  4. Fun block! Wolf spiders totally freak me out the most! We found a mommy one near our house and my hubby put it in a jar to show of to the kids. We thought it was nasty and kind of fuzzy. Come to find out it wasn't fuzz but dozens of tiny babies that by the next morning had made webs all over the jar. The whole thing went in the trash and hopefully they're having a peaceful life at the dump. Thanks for sharing!


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